Southold School District



. SchoolNet - The connection site.  

Important Messages

You will need to ignore 2 warning messages during the logon process and you may safely click on the "Don't ask ..." and "Don't show ..." checkboxes to avoid future warnings.

Make sure that you allow access through your firewall. Otherwise you won't be able to access SchoolNet.

. First time users must click on the "First Time Setup" button and follow the instructions for installing the Citrix client. This small program is necessary for making the connection to Southold's SchoolNet system. Otherwise, click on the "Back Again" button for your appropriate school. 

If you have Oracle's Java Client installed and you don't need sound, then click the appropriate Java button. If you have experienced problems installing the Citrix Client in the "First Time Setup" area, then give the Java client a try.